jeudi 11 décembre 2014

Une Journée Débat Citoyen (2017)...

How to write a one-act play (and star in it!):

Let's listen to the young people!

"JBM" public speaking competition (2014-2017):

Welcoming new pupils (club set up in 2014):

'Terminales' pupils airing their opinions!

Afficher l'image d'origine

Lots of BLOGS to send comments & articles to!

The Massillon webzine in English (since 2013):

Oral history project by the 'Premières' (2016):

A blog by the 'Premières' for the 2015 International Year of Light!

Send your photos inspired by the theme of light to this blog!

'Secondes'  poster competition (2015):

Debates organized by the 'Terminales' (2013):

Historiographic study of the Civil Rights Movement (2013):

What does "cultural heritage" mean? (2013)

2013 national session of the European Youth Parliament:

'Secondes' citizen projects (2012-13):

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